FLC Mission Statement
To enhance the quality of life in the Trenton area through economic development initiative which include child care services, education programs and employment opportunities to promote community growth and development.

The Family Life Center at Galilee Baptist Church (FLC) is a $22 million community development project. The project consists of 132,000 sq. foot state of the art edifice that will become the the centerpiece of community development programs and activities.

The Family Life Center, Inc. and the Galilee Baptist Church are seeking construction and development from several sources.

Fundraising Initiatives
The Family Life Center, Inc. has the unconditional support of a congregation that has been steadfast in its donations since the inception of the corporation. Along with church donation, the FLC expects to be the recipient of contributions from internal and external fundraising projects.

FLC Pre-Development Expenses
Since the inception of the corporation (LC), The Galilee Baptist Church Family Life Center has spent over $750,000 in pre-development expenses, including land acquisition (located on Brunswick Avenue), demolition fees, asbestos abatement fees, architectural/construction manager fees, consultant fees, insurance and property taxes.

The DAT Child Development Center, located in Trenton's historic Battle Monument area, will accept students from 2-1/2 years to 5 years of age. Youngsters will be evaluated at the time of enrollment and placed according to their age and capabilities.

Committed to the child's total growth and development. the program, taught by a capable and experienced staff will address the physical, social and emotional needs of each child.

Particular attention is given to the Early Education Program (EEP) for preschoolers. The mission of the DAT Center is to ensure that each child, upon completion of the EEF, will be prepared to enter kindergarten on equal footing with their suburban counterparts.

Early Education Program
The Early Education Program will surpass the guidelines of the State of New Jersey. The center's activities will include language, play art, music and dramatic activities. Youngsters will be stimulated to learn through picture books, whole language activities, and mathematics. Children will be encouraged to take part in building activities. Soft lightweight blocks, trains. and work benches improve eye-hand coordination. Stacking rings and cups improve dexterity.

FLC Programing
The FLC Computer Training Center will be housed at 145 Brunswick Avenue on the second Floor. The center will provide adult computer training classes for individuals seeking to obtain the informational technology skills in order to function in today's high tech office environment. Most students complete the basic (A+) course in 6 to 12 weeks which will enable the student to seek employment at a starting salary of $14-17 per hour. with the potential to earn more.

The FLC will potential candidates from the church and the surrounding community. Individuals who qualify can obtain 100% funding. Typical students include senior citizens. Welfare to Work recipients, dislocated workers. and individuals enrolled in Veterans Administration Programs.

On of the most attractive benefits of the computer training program is that is has the potential to raise considerable income stream for the GBC Family Life Center which according to training center experts. could exceed $500.000.